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A fam in AuditionSEA.
Founded on 7th November 2007 @ PC Bunk.
Current rank: 34.
Current members: 68/70.
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Please look for the Master or Jrs' if you're interested in joining Romance :D
- The account must be your main account.
- Must be at least 15 years of age.
- Must be active or otherwise tell us why you have to mia
- If you fulfill all these , ask the Jrs to test you.
- Choose a song abv 120bpm, & we'll tell you the score that you need to achieve.

Click to view members.

♂ Master: -AIR_xTOOT- / Poliez
♀ Jr: Roliez
♀ Jr: ---PRADA
♀ Jr: -AUTUMNx3

♂ -AIR_Kuku
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/ Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miaoz peoples, Roliez(Kaylie) Just here to post a little short notice/post about the Fam.

Talking in general, i guess most of the members left the fam cuz it's dead or other reasons? But i just wna say Romance isn't a hotel for people to join and leave as and when they like, if you decided to leave the fam then jolly well leave. Don't leave and then tell us you miss Romance. What for is there a reason to? If you think Romance is part of you, why would you even leave Romance in the first place? If you think you're gna mia for certain reasons just tell us and let us know,not like leave and come back.

Secondly, it isn't the Fam.Maaster or the Jr's isn't doing there job of keeping the Fam active and kicking. We people have things to do like working,studies and etc, if we have time, don't you think we don'twna keep the Fam up with fame? Sometimes people plz do think about others, put yourself into their position before making any comments. If you think why Romance is active beforehand? Think about it again it's HOLIDAYS!!! Everyone's free at that point of time,now? School reopen and exam's up the corner of cuz the Fam's won't be that active anymore.

So be it, leave and be gone.